Winslow and Associates is ready to help you, and members of your team, succeed as you navigate through today's complex business environment. As Certified Executive Business Coaches (CEBC), we are ready to provide targeted consulting and coaching in a number of core business competencies. With over 60-years of combined experience, our management team stands ready to help you and your organization identify and set objectives then strategically plan and execute to achieve measurable results.

Our approach begins by aligning your Vision and Mission with the right Skills and Incentives, identifying required Resources and establishing an Action Plan with benchmarks and timeframes. This balanced, strategic approach to growth is our framework for successful business planning.

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See our New Business Services, we have partnered with Newtek Business Services

We are proud to partner with Newtek Business Services.

We now offer best in class merchant processing, business lending, insurance, web hosting, ecommerce, web design, payroll, and data backup to help your business reduce cost, increase sales and minimize risk.

Newtek is The Small Business AuthorityTM and lives by a focused and enduring mission: To provide the small business community with the experts, services, technologies, and resources needed to succeed in today's competitive and ever-changing marketplace. We execute this charge daily with an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity, a dedication to quality and customer care, and a relentless emphasis on security.



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