Our Experience

Our management team has worked with some of the largest and best known real estate companies, technology groups, financial organizations, and government agencies in the country:

Government Agencies:

Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation  (FDIC)

Numerous RTC savings and loan resolutions including, what was at the time, the largest single resolution in US history: The 8.5 billion-dollar Sunbelt Federal Savings FSB resolution in Dallas, Texas.  Managing partner Dave Winslow served on the Sunbelt resolution’s three-person executive committee. Considered a model resolution, the FDIC has utilized many of the lessons learned during the RTC’s day to develop its current strategies including the new Risk Sharing Program due to roll-out in 2011.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

While working with HUD, Mr. Winslow’s firm at the time, Winslow Taylor Marketing Communications, helped to redirect and refine a unique program. This program targeted those residential assets that posed the most risk for the Government and American taxpayers, truly the “toxic” residential assets of the day.

They conducted focus groups, met with area community leaders and redesigned the program to meet the needs of the communities, giving them a real sense of ownership in the process. The result: All assets were resolved within twelve months saving tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Real Estate:

Tim Stockwell's experience includes developing and leading Sprint's real estate division domestically and internationally. Mr. Stockwell is also certified by Johnston Consulting as an executive business coach. Additional management experience includes:

      Mobil Land Corporation

      Sprint Real Estate

      ReMax International

      Centennial Homes

 Finance and Technology:

Lance Melber's experience at Capital Federal and Archer Technologies brings a combination of talents to the W+A management mix. See; About Us, for more details on the W+A management team.


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